I got my hands on the first ever thing to test for lascivni.cz, the Shunga warm massage oil with aphrodisiacs.

I honestly wasn’t expecting any miracles and was skeptical, after all, we’ve changed a lot of oils in our lifetime, but we haven’t gone back to any of them.

So here we go…

At first glance, it looks like this is going to be a little different level than what my wife and I have tried so far in the oil section. The packaging looks luxurious, the bottle is wrapped in a beautiful oriental looking tin. Inside the tin is an equally beautiful bottle of green coloured oil, it smells lovely, I remembered opening a packet of bonpars at first – a pleasantly sweet fruity scent.


Light the candles in the room, dim the lights to give my wife and I a nice atmosphere, and go massage each other’s backs.

I pour some oil into my palms and examine its consistency, the scent echoes beautifully right away, and begin to apply it to my back.


You can immediately tell the difference compared to “cheap” oils the consistency is soft and non-sticky, but at the same time non-greasy and absorbs great and leaves the skin smelling great.

Find out how much Shunga Midnight Sorbet Massage Oil costs

You just apply a little bit and it covers the desired area without any problem.

How does it warm?

Some oils burn unpleasantly like horse grease but this is not the case, warmth is a very subjective sensation, however, we dare say to my wife that this is exactly the limit when it somehow does not limit you during sex, and even if you go straight to bed after the massage.

My wife was pleasantly relaxed for the massage and I was pleasantly aroused, so the massage was a great prelude to sexual pleasures.

This Shunga warm massage oil with aphrodisiacs totally recommended 100ml bottle will really last you some time and you just need to put a little oil.

It smells nice it comes in a luxury package so you won’t embarrass your wife or lover with it.



Beautiful fruity scent Price
Just apply a small amount
The warmth is very pleasant
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