I love partner toys, when they are good (and fortunately they usually are ;)). No matter how sure you are that you and your partner are on the same page, these toys just move you to the next level.

It’s no secret that my favorite “helpers” in this category are the We-vibe 4 and Share by Fun Factory, so when the spinning variant of the Sharu came on the market, it was clear that I NEEDED to have one. And it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t compare the two pieces 😀

Video from the unboxing:

Share x Sharevibe

It’s clear at a glance that vibrating patron (we’ll get to that later) isn’t the only innovation Sharevibe has undergone. Compared to its non-vibrating brother, its phallic section is much narrower and perfectly smooth – without any protrusions. On the one hand, that’s quite a shame, because these protrusions are exactly what I enjoyed. On the other hand, this new shape makes the Sharevibe much easier to insert. You will appreciate this especially during anal sex.

The other end has also been narrowed, which I think is a very sensible move. Finally, I don’t have to worry about whether the little cvalda will get inside me and how much it will hurt 🙂 Now all it takes is a little drop of lube (or to loosen me up a bit – which is always a better option) and it’s cool inside.

Promised Patroness

Otherwise, the most noticeable difference between these pieces are of course the vibrations. The cartridge is quite large, so it’s very easy to handle (tucking in and out of the strap-on). It’s admittedly a silly thing that you don’t think about much, but the fact that you can use the patronka outside of the strap-on, is a nice finding. And you can immediately make play with it more enjoyable – it’s a great lap tease when your partner is coming from behind, or in more classic positions (hobbyist and missionary) when you put it between you.

Find out how much the Fun Factory Vibe Share Dildo costs

And my tip? Tie your partner up (ideally blindfolding him/her as well) and run the cartridge over his/her body… of course, focus on the lap the most 🙂 The cartridge fits perfectly in your hand and thanks to its size it can go everywhere… and it’ll get you all hot and bothered too 🙂

When you play, you have to recharge

The cartridge is recharged by a magnetic charger, which we are used to at FUN FACTORY. It is reversible, so it doesn’t matter how you connect the cartridge. I don’t know about you, but I hate chargers that can only be connected one way – it’s so unintuitive 🙂

A bit of technology, or how to actually operate it

The controls are absolutely simple and intuitive. Anyone can do it. There’s a single red button on the black cartridge that controls everything. Long hold to turn vibrations on and off, quick presses to switch vibrations. It’s simple and intuitive… The control is absolutely faultless.

Shape, size, and so on…

In shape, the Sharevibe is similar to the letter “J” – this is also a small change from the non-vibrating version (the classic Share mimics the letter “L”). This change is due to the larger layer of silicone between the two parts. I understand that it’s due to the cartridge, but the strap-on has lost (well reduced, but for me it’s pretty similar) one very important function for me – when I strapped on the classic Share, it pleasurably undulated and teased my clitoris, it felt completely natural and I almost felt like it was part of me. Sharevibe does tease the clitoris too, but it’s not as intense a sensation.

The Sharevibe, on the other hand, has a vibrating cartridge that gets the whole silicone piece awesome moving and you’ll experience a feeling of pleasure you’ve never experienced before. It growls inside you, while rippling with the natural motion from the thrusts, and it still teases your clitoris. It’s a combination that gets me off my knees every time. And when you add to that the opportunity to give your partner a good pounding… there’s no need to talk, that’s what you want 😀

A few numbers


  • Longest part: 22 cm
  • Shortest part: 11,5 cm


  • Longer part: 3.4 cm
  • Shortest part: 3.8 cm

The Sharevibe is made of medical grade silicone, which ensures it’s safe for health, and also waterproof (without the cartridge of course), so it’s perfect for bathroom play too :D.

For me, silicone is the best material to make toys out of. But it also has certain weaknesses – it catches tiny dust particles on itself, and you have to watch out for lubricants. Anyway, you’ll forget about these little things as soon as you touch it – it’s beautifully velvety smooth and just right for your hand:)

If I had to choose between the original Share and Sharevibe, I would want both 😀 But if I really had to choose, I would choose Sharevibe. Admittedly, when I thrust, my clitoris isn’t irritated as much (which after previous experiences with Share was really disappointing), but the vibrations that go through me thanks to the cartridge totally make up for that disappointment. Plus Sharevibe can be used with or without the cartridge – then it’s just up to you what you fancy.



Medical grade silicone Weaker clitoral irritation when thrusting
Strong vibrations
A delicious experience for both 🙂
Shape of foot and tip
See the current price and the possibility to order here:
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I want to ask recently I found out that I am a sub and before I go to some dominatrix I saw that a very popular practice is strap on etc but before I go to a dominatrix how do I start to know if I am up to it and I don’t want to spend thousands on toys that I won’t use later

From the position of a submissive, you should “properly” accept whatever he prepares for you and not what, you like – for recreational use, you can arrange outside the normal lessons… But try teasing yourself with a finger in a condom – just a little lube and you’re in… see if you like it. But the first sentence still applies.

Hello, I would like to ask if it is possible to insert this strapon into the buttocks (for a man) and then use it to tease both holes at the same time. Kind of like a sandwich, but without having to let another guy in. 🙂 Wouldn’t the aforementioned protrusion for clitoral teasing get in the way?? Or what other dildo would be suitable for this,if you have experience with this??? I think this use could be very exciting for both of us. Unfortunately, only in theory so far. Thank you for your reply and any advice. S.

Hi, this one in particular is quite small, so getting it into you with the thicker part would be quite a task – but that depends on your relaxation and training. Honestly we haven’t tried it the other way around just because of the size of the heel, personally I think the protrusion would be a positive addition due to the irritation of the perineum/perineum (the area between the anus and testicles – very sensitive). If you surpassed that size, it shouldn’t be a problem to tease a partner twice, but there are better pieces for that.

These are clip-on dildos above the penis (so you have yours and another above/below) – check here https://www.lascero.com/strap-ony they are dildos with the moniker “vaginal and anal stimulation at the same time”. Alternatively, for your atypical play you could use a more conventional double dildo. It was designed primarily for lesbians, who could use it to rub their wedges/asses together when double-inserting. There, however, you’d run into the fact that the shape of the dildo is straight (albeit flexible), so you’d have to hold it for the right angle when retying. The ideal angle is just what Share-type insertable dildos have.

Hope I helped 🙂

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