In our magazine we have already discussed electrosex several times. First with a solid article by Agrr, then with 2 interesting reviews/tests – once of clamps and second of a vibrator. Both great for electrostimulation. Today’s user test will be very similar to the clamp review….

How do manufacturers do it?

Because both toys have an identical base – the same electrical pulse generator. How did that happen? Individual erotic brands reduce their costs by reusing toys already created within the same concern. Or even licensing proven models from other manufacturers.

Primeros, a brand of well-known condoms, sells in Czech drugstores Venus balls and vibrators made by Fun Factory – but they have them under their own brand. It’s a win-win situation for both parties and ultimately the customers will “profit” from it because they will get the toys at a better price. And more proven and better quality. So-called win-win situation.

Fetish Fantasy Electro-Erotica Special Edition

Today’s toy for review is an electrostimulation kit with 4 gel pads. These in particular are a different piece from the nipple clamps of yesteryear. You can “attach” the clamps to nipples, labia, maybe even testicles (if the man is a masochist), but you can’t do anything with them on a larger area of skin.

Video with electrosex device

And it’s for teasing the larger erogenous zones that these handy conductive pads are designed. For breasts, lap, thighs or buttocks. Wherever you want to tease with gentle tickling pulses and torturously strong ones. There’s something for everyone.

There’s not much to fault about the source/controls themselves. Perhaps only that it runs on watch batteries, which are not common in the home. But you can get them at any better electrical store (we used to buy them at the newsagent – they have them in a lot of them). A rotary switch turns the pulses on/off and also regulates their intensity. Thanks to the rotary wheel, you have precise control over how strong the pulses are. You can slowly amplify or make “jumps” yourself.

The four attaching electrodes themselves have soft gel pads – these cling beautifully to smooth skin thanks to their softness. On buttocks, thighs, breasts – they fit beautifully everywhere.

Find out how much an electrosex kit from Fetish Fantasy costs

Thanks to the fact that they are bipolar (you have to connect + and – for a closed electrical arc and therefore the passage of electrical impulses), you can control the direction in which the current will pass. After playing, I recommend re-gluing these pads with the clear “glue” that comes in the package – this will prevent their contact with dust or dirt and you won’t have to clean them often.

Not just for erotic play

Another feature is the IN/OUT switch – our control has 2 separate bipolar surfaces on its top. With the IN (i.e. inside) option on, you will feel the electro-pulses from the outside of the toy when you touch it.

I “enjoyed” a similar electrical training after a knee injury where I had to be home for a month. And in that time your muscles get pretty flabby. And just for rehabilitation I had electrotherapy – always a few minutes so called “into twitches”.

So, like the pressure-bathing kit (or electro-clamps as a prevention against carpal tunnel syndrome), this kit from Fetish Fantasy can be used, let’s say, “medically”. And it’s not too far from, for example, a clinic where examinations ála doctor are often used – you know, gynecological chair, speculum, catheterization, etc. But that’s only for the connoisseurs who indulge in it. I personally don’t care for it, but against taste no argument.

Some 18+ photos from testing


As with the electric clamps from last time: this toy is not suitable for people whohave heart problems, have bypass surgery or high blood pressure issues. It’s definitely not for them. Pregnant women shouldn’t mess with eletrosex either. Watch out!

This set has more use, in my opinion, than the original electrosex clamp set – it’s especially suitable for electrosex beginners, as you can more gently receive impulses through the larger surface area of the pads than through the small clamps.

But I definitely recommend this set to more advanced lovers of this unconventional stimulation. Pidi generators don’t have the power of specialized stations from Mystim or TENS and other proven brands, but they can kick incredible.



Use in multiple locations Unusual battery
4 electrodes
Simple regulation
Not just for sexual stimulation
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