Founded in 1994, JOYDIVISION is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of sensual adult sex toys. They are innovative inventors who were the first in the world to use 100% natural Gleitgels material and the popular Aquaglide brand lubricant.

Their portfolio includes more than 250 sensual erotic premium products that are successfully sold in more than 60 countries around the world. Their product range includes not only sex toys, but also toiletries, massagers, love swings and specialty products.

The most important and greatest emphasis is placed on quality and manufacturing in Germany. The Joydivision brand is one of one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of erotic products. Founded in 1994 in Germany, customers can currently choose from more than 250 sensual aids from Joydivision, which are available in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Joydivison and Bio Erotica

Joydivision was the first company to introduce a 100% natural lubricant gel (BIOglide) to the erotic market. In addition to offering a range of erotic products, Joydivision has been actively involved in the fight against AIDS since 1995.

Erotoys of this brand

The Joydivision brand offers anal beads, venus balls, vibrators, erection rings, penis sleeves, lubricating gels, massage oils, Spanish flies, etc.

You can also choose special menstrual tampons that can be used during intercourse. Joydivision also specializes in genital creams for women that promote clitoral and vaginal sensitivity and genital creams for men that promote blood flow, erection and performance.

So why are JOYDIVISION products so successful?

Great value for money, the highest possible quality, safety, innovative technologies perfectly tailored to consumers and a high degree of personal commitment. German quality that does not disappoint.

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