The glass vibrators and dildos (translated as icicles) are unsurprisingly very popular – you don’t need lubricating gels for them, they clean perfectly and most importantly they come in a huge range of shapes and sizes. Plus they look like artistic gems.

Icicles revels in glass! You are fragile, get yourself a fragile but safe penis! We’re talking about the name of an adult toy that comes in several of its generations, both as a dildo and as a vibrator.

This brand is part of the Pipedreams concern, so you can be sure that it only produces quality toys – and that’s without irony. The name was created as a parallel to the transparency and fragility of the icicle.

Icicles - glass sex toys

Glass that doesn’t crack

However, this manufacturer’s toys are definitely not fragile, and that’s despite being made of glass. Don’t worry, you won’t cut yourself on it – it’s a special type – called borosilicate glass. The same one used by rival brand Glassvibrations. It’s important to note that both manufacturers create their toys by hand, so they are originals as far as possible.

Individual dildos or vibrators have no poetic markings – just a No. and a number. For example, we tested the anal plug model No. 20.

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