We’ve got our hands on a first class glass tool. Distinctive protrusions, great material and most importantly a vibrating cartridge that can be used separately. Let’s take a closer look at this toy.

Tasteful packaging of the anal pin ICICLES is already a commonplace in more expensive gadgets. With this glass one (safety glass – almost unbreakable), you’ll find a hefty packing material in the package to hold the toy in place. In the package you will find a peg, a control and a vibrating cartridge with a cable ending in a connector.

Video of unboxing the Icicles Glass Vibrating Pin

The pin is smaller in size (which is made up for by the prominent protrusions and wavy shape) made of glass that has a metallic finish – you can certainly see the metallic sheen in the photos. The usable part of the toy is made up of 5 “bulges” which are connected behind and studded with tiny dots. There is a hole in the bottom of the butt plug for a good grip (and placement of the vibrator). To prevent the whole toy from entering the anal area, there is an extended foot.

While glass is a great material for sex toys, it easily dampens vibrations. So even though the vibrating egg is very strong, they are slightly dampened by the material itself.

A few numbers:

  • length 1.5 cm,
  • diameter 1,8-2,5 cm,
  • 3 AA batteries for vibration.

The vibrating cartridge is a control via wire from the classic control, which needs 3 AA batteries for “life” (not included). The 7 vibration programs will surely keep you entertained for quite a while. The advantage is that you can easily remove the vibrating cartridge from the pin and use it separately – as a classic vibrating egg or nipple or clitoral teaser. For the “clitoral” ladies, you will then be a god when you come with such a powerful vibrating toy.

Vibration control is easy. There are only 2 buttons (on/off and mode). The bottom button on the control turns the vibration on and off, and pressing the top button (mode) toggles the different types of vibration. The vibrations have a fixed order, so if you like, for example, the 6th vibration type, you will always “wiggle” your way to it.

Find out how much an Icicles glass anal vibrator costs

Vibrations are visually distinguished by a pair of light emitting diodes (LEDs). One is in the cartridge itself and the other is on the control. The LEDs blink in rhythm with the vibrations – so the person holding the control can tell exactly which mode is currently active by the LED – with the egg inserted in the partner, this is useful information! A similar solution has been used, for example, in the state-of-the-art vibrating aids Lelo Tiani and Lyla.

The Glass Dildo is designed for anal play, but certainly no wedgie will reject it. Be sure to use lube when introducing it (with glass, you don’t have to consider the type – it doesn’t matter). The individual protrusions and hardness of the toy (many ladies are used to gel/silicone aids that conform to the body) will surprise you at first, but after a while you’ll love it. Nothing bends or ripples – the hard sucking and strong stimulation is spot on here.

The only drawback I see is the size of the pin. For beginners to anal sex, this is the perfect toy – the smaller size and vibration that can make play more enjoyable. For more experienced hobbyists, I would recommend a gadget of rather larger dimensions – and perhaps again made of glass.

Glass toys have several advantages. They’re great to clean, they have a long life (you’d have to take a hammer to them to break them), and they can be heated/cooled. It’s the last feature that’s very much used – the pin doesn’t stick in the microwave, but just heat it up in a bowl of hot water and immediately play is more unconventional. You can try the same thing when you chill it in a bowl of ice – see the surprised reactions of your partner:)



Glass material Smaller size (but beginners will appreciate it)
7 vibrations
Distinctive protrusions
Separability of the vibrating cartridge from the pin
Usable even without vibration as a dildo
Slightly opalescent finish
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