American brand Fleshlight prides itself on the realistic design of its artificial vaginas for men – many of them have copied the look of famous porn actresses’ vaginas. The brand also includes Fleshjack, a manufacturer specialising in gay sex toys, and Fleshlube, a premium lubricant gel.

With the Fleshlight, you’ll feel like you’re having real sex! The American erotic brand, which often delivers its products in tin boxes, makes artificial vaginas (Girls, Jesse Jane, Eva Angelina, Pink Lady STU) that are indistinguishable from the real thing.

A natural experience for all men

This is because the Real Feel Super Skin material feels like real skin, bringing you to a real orgasm. But you don’t only have to drown in your vagina, but also in your buttocks or mouth.

Fleshlight brand

Masturbators of this brand mostly have a realistic look thatis appreciated by a large number of men. For others, however, it’s more welcome to have a somewhat stripped-down sex toy that doesn’t have labia, a hinted-up vagina, and a classic smooth interior.

For them, there are Flight versions. An alternative may be products of competing brands – among them are mainly Japanese Tenga.

In addition, Fleshlight is a popular manufacturer of artificial moisturizers, practically on the cutting edge of lubricating gel manufacturers. However, you can also buy a tablet holder from this manufacturer that fits onto the erect penis. This gives you a whole new perspective on masturbation

How the Fleshlight artificial vagina is made

Unconventional games even from the world of science fiction

This American brand hasn’t stopped evolving, so there are Avatar-style toys, Zombies, Frankensteins, Resistance and more on the market – and surprisingly for us, they’re selling well. And not just on Halloween.

Developers are trying to push the whole segment further – with the classic pocket vagina, there’s the problem that you can’t pierce like you can with realistic sex. And they’ve decided to improve on that – try the Spider Suction Cup – it attaches to a smooth surface, attaches to an artificial vagina and… go.

Virtual sex is within reach

A definite overreach into virtual reality (and the sex associated with it) is the VStroker gadget. It can wirelessly link a special pornographic image (hundreds of them have been made) to your Flashlight toy.

It tracks her movements (i.e., thrusts) and transmits them in real time to POV porn – so when you masturbate, you’re watching a very live intercourse with a porn actress being fucked at your speed.

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