Premium and certified erotic aids from B-Vibe, a company founded by Alicia Sinclair. Alicia Sinclair has been working in the erotic industry for many years and she tries to transfer her extensive experience into the production of individual products, spreading a healthy attitude towards human sexuality among the society, which she considers to be the most important part of everyone’s sex life.

Under the B-Vibe brand you can choose from vibrating anal toys, glass anal toys, silicone anal toys and of course individual accessories.

The b-Vibe brand brings to the market a great novelty that will be appreciated especially by men, but also by couples during their amorous antics. The b-Vibe toy is designed primarily for use during rimming.

The special b-Vibe anal plug is designed to make its stimulation absolutely perfect. The b-Vibe toy contains two motors, one located in the body of the device and a smaller one located in the very tip of the pin, which increases the irritation of the nerve endings in the anal area and makes anal play much more interesting.

The b-Vibe can also be controlled remotely to tease your partner from a distance. Products from b-Vibe are made from medical grade silicone that is hypoallergenic, pleasant to the touch and phthalate-free. All toys are waterproof and you can enjoy their pleasure even in the shower.

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