What’s one of Europe’s most famous vibrating massage heads, the Magic Wand, like in action? Yes TA Magic Wand, aka the magic wand.

If you know a bit about sex toys, you’ve probably come across something like this on historical erotic forums (this crazy thing has been in production for over 50 years – it’s a piece of erotic history) and dating sites. This machine was a legend in its day, even to the point of being driven here with an American tip and enthusiasts buying reducers.

American performance that was impossible to come by!

Because you couldn’t get that kind of power from an erotic toy at all, and only they could get it into a compact gadget (even though it’s still a cat). It wasn’t until years later that the European version started to be produced, which has also recently seen significant updates in design, workmanship, materials and available attachments. And guess which of those variants we have in the editorial from sex shop, which is the exclusive importer.

What makes EMW (we’ll keep it short) different:

  • lightweight workmanship,
  • extreme performance,
  • mains power,
  • extensions.

Let’s break it down individually, because it’s a very interesting piece by all our evaluation parameters. Maybe even after comparison, it has a chance to top the ranks in our comparative selection of best vibrating heads. But maybe we’re just getting ahead of ourselves…

High quality workmanship

And it’s not just a platitude here, it really is. A very subtle piece that also weighs something, so you’d better count on that beforehand.

Power from the mains

For some people this is an advantage, for others it’s not. We already have one mains plug vibe head in our collection, and sometimes we even regret it, but…you’ll never get that kind of power from a battery. And if you do, it dies right away, so the power is suddenly gone.

So that’s why they use “pure flow” power sources for these extremely powerful heads. The cable is over 2 meters long, so it can cover a solid distance in our experience in any room where there is an outlet. An extension cord is worth it – a little discomfort is definitely worth it here, there is no substitute for power.

Head flexibility

The body itself is made of ABS plastic and is, of course, inflexible, but any good massage head (that can vibrate pretty damn well) also has a softer flexible neck that can make putting the head on your body more comfortable.


It’s simply foolproof – there’s a prominent protruding clasp at the top (towards the EMW logo), a logical power-adding switch right after it, and a minus sign below it with a slight indent. Or you can tell immediately by touch what button you are pressing. Simple but addictive controls.

A few numbers

  • power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz
  • power: 20 W
  • weight: 544 g (see, we told you so),
  • head diameter: 6 cm,
  • length: 32 cm (so really small)
  • cable length: 2.4 m (enough for a medium room)
  • max. running time: 25 minutes in a row (according to the seller).

Extensions to extend extreme vibration

In the base you have the so called “vintage touch” simple and surface wrinkled head. At first glance, it didn’t even look like it could be taken off, but it just took a little bit of well-placed force. This head is traditional and let’s just say historic by name. Because this is the head that Magic Wand has always been associated with.

The other attachments are:

  • Silky Touch – a soft and smooth silicone cap (in white),
  • Genio – distinctively profiled and with teasing protrusions (in blue),
  • Genius – special for men’s prostate and women’s G-spot (in blue).

In terms of attachments, we’ve been peeking after the bluish prostate piece, but seeing the standard EMW performance, we’re pretty worried…but we’ll go for it, you can look forward to our review of the Genius attachment. Shape-wise, it looks pretty much exactly like the best men’s prostate toys aka RudeBoy.

What’s the point of having such an extremely thick head anyway?

For extreme orgasms! There is no other purpose for this powerful head, because once you try it, you won’t want to change and be “massaged” by another one. Since we have this head from BDSM MHSexshop, you can probably tell that no one is going to be lovingly stroked by this.

Or it will… at first, but then he’ll tie his counterpart tightly to something, get gagged, and start the real torture already. The vibrations are really very strong, the 6 vibration intensities mentioned speak for themselves.

Tie it, screw it…

So, tie up, restrain, muffle the screams and see what the counterpart (most often probably a sub, but great to use on the gentlemen too) will say about strong vibrations on breasts, pussy or ass. The surface is slightly wrinkled, so we recommend adding a little lube – like our favorite watery Superglue, we’ve never gone wrong with that.

You can try just for the first degree (don’t expect to jump to 6 straight away, or “are you kidding me?”) running your hands over your partner’s exposed breasts, I think she’ll open her eyes and enjoy it. Or really start with erotic massage – for her, ditch the lube and use pure massage oil. So miss on your stomach, hands along your body and just run the head for the trapezius, lightly around your spine, circle your ass and slowly back up your sides. And nice and gentle without any torture, pressure.

Or as we wrote above:

  • tie it up, maybe in a goatskin
  • or vice versa, wrists to knees,
  • or with your back to the heater, so that your wrists are up and your legs are spread apart.

And that left her lap and ass exposed… I think you’ll start with vanilla, but you’ll still degenerate and see how many orgasms you can “shake” out of your sweet and gentle counterpart. But watch out. When she ties you up, she’ll go all out on you and get such a load of vibes on your balls or cock… heaven forbid with a prostate attachment. So you’ll squeal with delight and excitement:)

What the hell do we like about it?

It’s a real piece of honest work. Over a pound of plastic, steel and silicone and unreal vibrations. They don’t compare to any toy (we’ve tested over 300) we’ve had here. So you can really “force” XX orgasms with this one, that is if your counterpart can handle it.

What not?

You have to get used to being connected to the power grid. It’s not absolute freedom, but it’s simply a counterbalance to the incredible power. Plus, weight-wise, it’s a pussycat. It’s good quality, but it’s not much for a purely feminine fragile hand – it’s more for a man’s hand that’s going to torture that fragile woman pretty badly with forced orgasms.



Extreme, but really extreme performance Price (relative - it's a great piece)
Historical legend of the wands Noise
Modern elegant design High weight
Clean and precise processing The power source is the power grid (+ and -)
Different attachments available
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