There are some toys that I wanted to try more than others. And among them is the inflatable plug – designed for anal. For training the ass and stretching it, it is an ideal erotic tool.

Video of the inflatable anal vibrator:

I prefer it when not only the product is nice. I’m talking about the box it comes in. The model for good packaging for me are the products of the German Fun Factory – I would definitely not be ashamed of such at home. With today’s particular pin, the packaging is unnecessarily vulgar and would personally put me off in a shop.

The contents, however, are more interesting. I’m not a fan of body paint in sex toys (or realistic designs), but I didn’t mind it in the inflatable pin. It was probably influenced by the fact that I was curious about the testing itself.

Find out how much an inflatable latex anal plug costs

You may be surprised to learn that the uninflated pin is relatively hard. The first boot won’t be the easiest if you haven’t trained your butt before. But the size is not too big to fail. Once inserted, the pin stays in place thanks to the extended heel. You definitely won’t get it out in the inflated state.

A few numbers about the inflatable vibrator:

  • 13 cm in length
  • 3.5 to 8 cm diameter (I haven’t tried inflating more than that)
  • 2 AA batteries

The colic has a built-invibrating motor right in the body, so not only will it increase its volume by inflating, but it will tease you with its vibrations. The vibration control is handled by a rotary switch that is connected to the pin by a wire. The toy deserves more care and in the new version the wire could be hidden in the air supply tube and the vibration control hidden in the inflatable balloon. Sometimes the wire just gets tangled. The motor is powered by a pair of AA batteries.

How does it inflate?

Inflating the pin is done with a balloon. Do not rush, inflate slowly – nothing must hurt. It is best to try inflating outside of anal to see how much the pin gets bigger with one squeeze. There is a small white knob (a few inches from the balloon) to release the air. You can just squeeze it and drop some air, or hold it and release all of it. It’s up to you.


The pin can blow up a lot due to the flexible latex – I tried increasing its volume to 4 times and it still held. If you were worried about it bursting don’t worry – I don’t know of a case where an inflatable pin couldn’t withstand the air pressure and exploded.

What am I saying about it overall?

The inflatable anal pin is not only used as preparation for anal sex (to stretch the anus), but also finds its use in BDSM and sex clinics. Specifically in enema. The “victim” has her ass filled with water and needs to go to the bathroom. But with an inflated peg, it won’t be easy and she’ll have to endure it. Of course don’t rub it too long 🙂



High quality design An unblown dildo is hard
Flesh colour The control cable sometimes gets tangled where it shouldn't
Size before and after inflation
Simple vibration control
Shape of the tip
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This butt plug absolutely lived up to my expectations. The truth is that it pops out on its own after insertion without inflating, which is its only minus. I only use it inflated and its vibrations induce very pleasant sensations. It is a bit noisier, so I have to be careful in public that the vibrations don’t give away what’s between my legs 🙂

Hello, thank you so much for your contribution to the review 🙂 I agree – the taper in front of the wider foot is not ideally small to fit on normal insertion. It’s not such a small piece, so the stretch is already noticeable and then it has an easy way out.

Dear guys, I would need some advice from you. I have 7 weeks before delivery. The exact same pins are used to stretch the perineum in women, but they cost over 3 000 CZK. It’s like a prevention of perineal incision. So I am considering a cheaper alternative in a sex shop. What size can such a balloon be inflated to? I need at least 12 cm in circumference. What do you think about safety?

Have a nice day,

If I were you, I’d give up looking for alternatives. I would recommend the Aniball – it’s a medical device specifically designed to exercise the perineum. The price is around 1 300 CZK (and the price of inflatable pins in sex shops is similar).

And I would also recommend you to check with your gynecologist whether you can use these exercise aids.

Size and shape yes – the tip is about as thin as a finger and a half – then it slowly expands, so I’m talking about the one we tested here.

Then you can also use it for training because you can adjust the size for yourself – for me the perfect toy for a few hundred kc that you can use both at the beginning and later.

I have never heard of it bursting – especially you can’t inflate it to that size inside you – the human body is not adapted to stretch like that:) We tried it dry (outside the body to inflate) and… size bigger than an adult fist and held up great.

The Pink Elephant sex shop – sends it very discreetly with no store markings – here: – no need to worry about the package – no one will know who it’s from or what’s in it. We order from them often and always without problems.

Is the inflatable anal plug suitable for beginners? and can’t it burst when inflated too much? where can I buy it? I’m very embarrassed.

The product met expectations. With the introduction was not a problem, as with any product for anal use, you can not do without lubricant. Personally, I recommend not to hurry too much with the blowing – turn on the vibration and depending on how pleasant it is to adjust their intensity and then gradually blow. The vibrations are very pleasantly irritating to the prostate, at a strong enough volume and full vibrations, I felt tingling up in my toes 🙂 Using the vibration control does make it a little uncomfortable, but it’s quick to get used to. A wireless vibrator control would probably be ideal. Overall rating 4 out of 5.

The other side of the coin. I wouldn’t exactly talk about the quality of this product. The unblown pin is very hard, which quite often leads to minor injuries. The vibration sucks and the snake cable doesn’t really get along. The narrowest point of the pin has a very large diameter, so there is no re-tightening of the vise and the pin shoots out on about the twelfth pump of the balloon. The pin unfortunately does not stay in place even when deflated. Overall, I rate this as a big disappointment that ended up in the trash after about ten attempts to find some meaningful use. 1 point out of 5 with my eyes closed.

The hardness of the plug itself was already criticised in the review – we didn’t like it either.

Thanks to the slotted base (there is a difference of a couple of cm), we have yet to have it slip out spontaneously because the sphincter held it – it’s possible that this is only in those who don’t have such a relaxed anus (we probably don’t train as often as you do).

We didn’t have a problem with the vibration initially – sufficient force, easy to control. The only thing is, after more than 2 years of use, the vibe motor died, we cut the cable from it and we have “only” an inflatable pin, which still fulfills its purpose for us.

But I’m very happy for your experience – if you have experiences and disappointments with other pieces we’ve reviewed, feel free to post them – this way readers have the opportunity to find the best quality and most suitable toy for them.

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