The We-Vibe brand hails from Canada and specializes in premium vibrators made from ABS plastic and premium medical grade silicone. Perhaps each of their products takes the entire sex toy segment a step further with their new features.

The newer generations can be controlled by remote control or with a smartphone – the first step towards virtual remote sex.

Historic success with vibrator

The brand has seen worldwide success with the dual vibratorfor couples We-Vibe 2, which has become a global bestseller and won a number of prestigious awards. Since then, the brand has released a fourth sequel to this naughty little thing, which also features remote control.

We-vibe partner vibrators

However, the We-Vibe Salsa vibrators are also on offer, as well as the Tango vibrators and the Touch massager.

Premium partner sex toys

Tailored for couple lovemaking, the We-Vibe is especially appreciated by lesbians, for whom it allows for truly deep lovemaking. Its lower part is inserted into the vagina and stimulates the G-spot, while the upper part stimulates the clitoris.

It’s made of high quality medical grade silicone and is completelywaterproof thanks to the built-in battery. New generations of this toy (such as the WeVIBE 4) even have a remote control, a smaller size (so it doesn’t press anywhere) and stronger vibrations though it’s almost hard to believe with the smaller size.

An alternative to this toy is the intimate THRILL massager – it looks like a swollen dual-tipped pacifier, but is designed for women only. It also stimulates both the inside and outside of the vagina – and with a power that other eropomics can’t even dream of.

This brand has always built on exclusivity – we can’t forget the promo for the first generation partner vibrator, which first got performers at the Oscars right on the red carpet.

That’s exactly how WV became more widely known, because it was unheard of until then for the erotic industry to be able to merge with the movie industry (and I’m not talking about pornography, where it’s been going on for years).

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