Seven Creations is a brand in the adult toy industry. These are some of the highest quality and most exciting toys on the market, designed to stimulate the body, fascinate the mind, backed by research, therefore they are highly innovative sex toys with a great quality/price ratio.

With Seven Creations toys you will enjoy a lot of pleasure. The company produces high quality vibrators, but their range includes everything you can think of – and nude toys, dildos, various balls and much more.

Erotic brand Seven creations is dedicated to the production of quality erotic aids. One of the most popular gadgets from this brand are finger sleeves.

What are the erotic novelties of Seven Creations?

The finger pads are made of semi-rigid gel and have various punches or indentations on the surface. Erotic finger sleeves are a great tool for teasing the female genitals.

Seven’s Vacuums

Vacuum pumps are another very popular tool. They have a silicone inner sleeve for the male penis, which also contains irritating protrusions. The vacuum pump can thus be used not only for erection and penis enlargement, but also for actual teasing or masturbation.

As another we can also mention the very popular anal vibrating pins. The pins have a latex surface and can be inflated with air to increase their diameter up to 9 cm. The length of the pins is 12 cm and they offer their users infinitely adjustable vibrations.

Intimate shower for the curious

Among Seven creations’ popular gadgets is the Whirling Spray – a versatile intimate shower. The intimate shower can be used by both men and women to increase anal pressure or for vaginal hygiene. The intimate shower includes a water-filled balloon, two attachments, a basic nozzle with one opening and a second attachment with nozzles around the perimeter of the rounded tip.

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