The new premium brand OVO has a range of elegant sensual vibrators that have received the prestigious design award at the Red Dot Awards. The materials used are primarily medical grade silicone and ABS plastic – so they are 100% safe and hypoallergenic.

The German erotica, which has already taken first place in international sex competitions (it recently won the Red Dot Award – only Fun Factory Delight had won that before it).

OVO Toys

The range promises erotic tension, excitement and a certain amount of pleasure in the metallic look of some of the toys. The futuristic and sleek design of OVO toys won’t suit everyone, but they certainly won’t offend anyone.

Especially the breadth of toys (vibrators, pins and strangulation erection rings) and their price will win many admirers. This manufacturer offers pure silicone with ABS plastic at prices its competitors can dream of.

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