The specialist in electrosex aids is Mystim. Its most famous products are pulse generators, electrodilds, pins, dilators, clamps and now also vibrators suitable for electrostimulation. The brand invests heavily in quality production and TOP materials such as silicone and polished steel.

Surrender yourself to the hands of electric discharges that tickle and excite! This is exactly what users of this brand of nerve stimulators recommend.

So if you are still a virgin or a virgin in electrosex, you need to remedy that immediately with a safe seller of these “between heaven and earth” gadgets. The truth is that the soft electrical pulses can safely vibrate every part of your body, there is certainly nothing risky about this brand. So give your privates an electric shock!

Mystim specializes in electrosex toys – clamps, newly electrovibrators, anal pins, dilators and more. It makes both bipolar and unipolar toys – a division appreciated by connoisseurs.


Of course, you can also find pulse generators in their range – both analogue (cheaper) or digital (more expensive, but with more settings). Just make your choice and you can start exploring the mysteries of this unconventional practice often associated with the BDSM scene.

Miscellaneous products from this brand:

  • Sizzling Simon/Eric vibrators – the only vibrator that combines vibration and electrical stimulation in one device. This device offers 8 exciting stimulation programs and 5 selectable intensity levels. With electro stimulation, you can even choose from up to 10 intensity levels. In addition to these programs, you can use another one that focuses on exercising your pelvic floor muscles. The surface of the vibrator is made of medical grade silicone that is phthalate-free and the material is hypoallergenic.
  • Adhesive electrodes – a combination of small electrodes that are suitable for stimulation of intimate areas. An electro conductive gel is applied on the conductive side, which is protected by a foil from drying out.
  • Big Bend-it! – is a sprostate stimulator that can be curved into any position you want thanks to Flex&Stay technology. This dildo is electro stimulation free.
  • Electro stimulation rings CharmingChuck – an aid suitable for intense stimulation of the penis and testicles. The rings can be adjusted according to your needs.
  • Vaginal and anal probe Tristan – was designed in the medical industry. It is made of surgical steel and synthetic materials. This device is suitable for beginners in electrosex, fetish lovers, but also for those who like something unusual.
  • Urethral rod – electro penis stimulator with very soft material and rounded tip. The rod is made of hand-polished medical grade aluminum.

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