In this category we have included only those tested erotic aids, which are made of gel (or jelly) material. Although gel is very common in the erotic segment, it is very unsuitable in its cheaper variants. It is very porous, so it can never be cleaned perfectly, it is shape and colour unstable (it degrades over time and may even melt = our experience) and above all it may contain phthalates. These are chemical emollients that are health hazards = definitely not something you would want to have on regular skin, let alone on the sensitive mucous membranes inside your body.

Gel vibrators are currently one of the best selling vibrator materials. This is simply because they are, along with silicone, the most believable replica of human skin (unless you’re looking at luxury, “velvety” vibrators specializing in a faithful replica of skin), if you’re not demanding in terms of features – they’re also among the affordable, and above all, they’re the least maintenance intensive partner in your intimate life.

Gel vibrators, because of their flexible material, are often “abused” in favor of bizarre designs of sex toys, i.e. with various grooves, balls, or in combination with an irritant for the G-spot and clitoris, sometimes in a trio for the buttocks (this combination, because of its disposition, is more often in the form of a mere battery-free dildo). They are not limited in size either.

Gel is a very soft material, you may appreciate its jelly function, thanks to which it gets absolutely everywhere, often even where the train doesn’t go. The colour range of vibrators/dildos of this material is inexhaustible, metal balls (or spikes made of harder gel or plastic) can also be mixed into the gel, which in the resulting form and in the appropriate places of the artificial penis, know where to caress.

If you are suffering from insufficient moistening, heed the following advice – unlike plastic vibrators, only water-based lubricant can be used with gel ones, as silicone lubricant would distort the structure of the gel vibrator, thus rendering it unsuitable for your vaginal environment.

Maintenance of gel vibrators requires vigorous washing in lukewarm water, spraying with disinfectant and drying. But unfortunately, even then, the cleaning is not perfect. If you have a gel dildo, don’t be afraid to throw it in the dishwasher.

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