The California Exotics brand,CalExotics for short, is the world’s leading manufacturer of adult toys that serve to entertain women, men and couples. Their toys enhance intimacy and pleasure. In their wide assortment you will find representatives of all kinds of toys, from vibrators, dildos, balls, anal toys and many more.

Amongst other things they have a variety of lubes, lingerie and a luxury range of adult toys. Their products are available in a wide range of prices, so there is something for everyone. CalExotics sex toys have won over a lot of women and men thanks to their quality, innovative designs and the dedication with which they were created.

Where does CalExotics come from?

Founded over 20 years ago, California Exotic is one of the upper mid-range brands, with a lot of attention to the quality of the materials used and above all the output control. For this brand, the more abbreviated term CalExotics is most often used.

Active Founder

The founder of CalExotics is a woman, Susan Colvin, she founded her company in 1994 and despite the fact that at the time it was mainly men who were successful in the industry, she quickly established her place in the market with her brand.

CalExotics has won numerous awards for both its product lines and individual products due to its unique performance and high quality. Unlike other brands, CalExotics has become one of the pioneers of sex toys for women. Today, the CalExotics brand produces a wide range of top quality products for both men and women.

Driven by a woman’s perspective on sex and romance, the company works hard in the development of all products to provide the most pleasurable products that everyone will appreciate. Premium materials guarantee a pleasurable experience and will enhance your sexual satisfaction.

Multiple types of toys

Users can choose from toys designed for SM, BDSM and fetish practices, as well as sleeves, rings or penis attachments and of course classic gadgets such as vibrators, artificial penises or dildos.

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