KitKat is not just the name of a well-known confectionery. It is also the name of a famous Berlin dance club. What makes it interesting and how to get here?

A place dedicated to dance and sex

Behind KitKatClub are Austrian director and porn actor Simon Thaur and his life partner Kirsten Krüger. The business was founded back in 1994. The name is inspired by the name of a Berlin nightclub in the American musical Cabaret, which is set in the 1930s. The aim was to revive the provocative atmosphere of the venue.


The club is housed in a sprawling complex. Inside, it now offers three different dance floors, as well as half a dozen lounges and a dark room. Along with these, you’ll also find a dedicated outdoor space that’s connected to the pool. The club’s interiors are decorated with fluorescent paintings and stylish UV lights for the ultimate experience.

From the beginning of trance…

Initially, this dance club’s production focused primarily on the trance and goa trance genre. However, the spectrum of electronic music has expanded over time. Nowadays, KitKat mainly plays techno and trance. The operators deviate very little from their specific targeting.

But music is not the only thing that attracts newcomers. What is quite unique is the maximum degree of openness that reigns here.

In fact, the place is destined to be as relaxed as possible, and so is the person you sympathize with.

Sex has an open door here

In short, sex has an open door here. While explicit sex play is no longer a priority today, and music and dancing have become the club’s dominant handmaidens, the free-spirited approach is still what makes KitKat special.

This is true in general. The club is literally open to all people of different sexual orientations. That means not only heterosexuals, but also members of the LGBT community. In particular, a significant number of gay men can commonly be found among the visitors.

Also, a special Revolver Party is directly dedicated to visitors of minority sexual orientation.

Those who are heterosexual, on the other hand, are more or less advised to arrive in the company of women. And be warned, don’t be put off by the longer queues at the entrance, there is a lot of interest in attending.

Dressing allowed, but no cell phones

The club also has a fairly strict dress code for entry. Entry is closely monitored by local bouncers. You are expected to be unafraid of fetish and kinky. At KitKat, you will succeed with latex and leather. Many wear uniforms, or a glamour or high fashion outfit is welcome.

Please note, you will also be asked to dress up when you are allowed into the KitKat Club area. Incidentally, most of the staff, from the bartenders to the cloakroom attendants, also remove their clothes. In many cases, the fewer clothes you already have on, the better.

In most Berlin sex clubs, as the amount of cloth decreases, the chances of getting into a fetish party usually increase as well.

KitKat vs Berghain

By the way, there is one more famous and even more exclusive place in Berlin – the Berghain. That one might turn out next time and we’d definitely show it off. 🙂

Declared event

In KitKat specifically, the CarneBall Bizarre event – KitKatClubnacht, which is held every Saturday – is especially famous. It is marked by fetish costumes and often complete nudity.

KitKat is now one of the cultural phenomena of its own right and a pillar of the Berlin nightclub scene. The establishment is extremely popular and today visitors from all over Europe, including the Czech Republic, flock here for adult entertainment.

No recordings, except from memory

And be warned, if you’re tempted to take a stylish selfie from here in addition to the experience, you’ll have to skip it in the club’s attractive setting. There’s a strict no-phone policy inside. Why? The main reason is that visitors simply shouldn’t be distracted by peering into their phones and constantly posing for Instagram.

The KitKat experience simply needs to be enjoyed to the fullest in the present moment.

Our visit report

How to get into the Kitkat Club

This quest (incidentally, it’s quite a search term on Google = aka how popular and sought after the club is) contains three main points:

  • Dresscode
  • Patience
  • Admission

The third point here is more of a headcount, it’s better to write about 3 things than just two. 🙂

Friends in the community warned us that we should arrive ideally at 10pm to make the entry clearance faster.

Those queues and their clearance (or refusal, but more on that below) can take up to 2 hours.

Even the taxi driver told us when we told him the name of the club that it would be a long wait. He’s never been there himself, but apparently they often take Berliners and tourists there. When he looked at us, he just told me I was adequately dressed, he told my group mate that no way…

He checked the girls only after the lights in the car were turned on, because until then he hadn’t paid much attention to them – and they were (also according to our expectations) – totally fine, or perfectly fine.


It was incredibly lively, everyone was sipping some drinks, having fun, it was already obvious that we weren’t standing in a 50m or so queue to the theatre… A significant part of it was already dressed in fetish/kinky costume and we already knew we were going to have a problem. Because these were really fancy pieces on even more fancy people. 🙂

Some were downright “only” in leather harnesses, transparent t-shirts or tops were quite popular, until I was surprised that I didn’t see much exactly latex – just lacquer or other variations of shiny materials.

This will be related to the fact that it’s gorgeous to look at, but not very practical in practice (which that night may not have been for all dancing and cucanda). So I could have sworn that maybe no one had anything typically latex. But definitely very revealing.

The crowd in line was… just young, beautiful and exuberant.

Typically groups of friends, variously mixed, or couples. Singles here have perhaps minus points, maybe even fatal ones, for not letting you in. The intent of such an event is to have an ideal gender ratio, it gives more options for all parties. 🙂

And even if the bouncer didn’t like you, even though you met the outfit to a tee, he didn’t let you in. They kept their standards up.

And you both had to be perfect for them, or else they just split you that (typically he) wouldn’t go there.

One couple (a few rows ahead of us in line) caught my eye, beautifully dressed, fairly traditional, coats (these tend to be typical for this event at the entrance – because you wear fetish pieces and into the taxi/ public transport you wear a coat over it.

And you just unzip it at the entrance to confirm that you really belong there – because you’re stalling at the entrance if you don’t have an outfit on and risk rejection).

But back to the couple – approximately he 35, she 40, but both incredibly gorgeous, polished, the coats alone looked exclusive and expensive.

All top of the line, fit and quality. It wasn’t until my friends pointed it out to me (the lady was wearing patent leather tights, so that primarily drew my attention) that she didn’t know where she was. She was in fact wearing blindfolds.

And as I’d only seen them in the queue, I thought it was a scratch mark or mask. But she was just holding her partner’s hand, and it wasn’t until she was inside that she saw where he was. 🙂 Probably a very nice anniversary present?

What about you, can you imagine that happening to you?

Our Quick Wait

To be honest, we bought our drinks at the convenience store next door, got in line, and were at the entrance in about 20-30 minutes. Then we understood why it went so fast, today they were (also according to info from our friends who “invited” us here) particularly strict and chopped it up at the entrance as much as possible.

That’s why the queue moved so fast. This is because it’s not just checking the outfit, but balancing the number of people inside – they had a rough idea of the numbers, so if there were a lot of people, you waited anyway.

Bouncer Kicks

As we expected (also but contra the driver’s assessment), that’s how it worked out – girls totally cool, let them in but we got a rejection saying not enough, its normal. Before the event we had already discussed what would happen if someone wasn’t allowed in… Well, the rescue of the evening happened anyway!

Rapid-docking = saving the evening

As we drove up to the venue, I noticed a literally lit up shop in the next street (which is unusual at night). And certainly the range of bits on offer here didn’t match the mainstream. 🙂 Just harnesses, translucent pieces, …

So within 30 seconds of being turned down, we were there.

And we caught the clerk three minutes before closing. All we had to do was pick the specific piece we came for and go, it was closing. Luckily, she took pity on us – at our indecisive look and afterthought that we were going to KitKat for the first time.

So she helped us choose, and we both picked the same see-through tank top, and I added a solid leather asymmetrical harness that I had pre-selected anyway. We willingly accepted the price tag, but I have to admit that this is definitely the most expensive party of my life. 🙂

But next time, it won’t be so expensive… hopefully. 🙂

Second try worked

Inside, all we had to look forward to was entry (20 euros per head) and a cloakroom. There you typically change into your outfit (which changes depending on the type of event). This time it was by all accounts: black, leather clothes/accessories, your skin showing as much as possible, nice makeup, classy shoes (gentlemen formal half shoes, ladies heels, …). Imagine just hi-class theatre, but it turned into a bit of a rampage.

After we put our excess clothes and of course our cell phones in the dressing room, we went to the second internal check.

The girls unexpectedly passed again, as they were perfectly dressed and coordinated.

But we got pooped on (and checked in the dark of the club with flashlights) that they wouldn’t let us in our pants (and anyone who knows the place knows that’s a good thing = even I understood then inside after a few hours).

Outfit for me was:
  • black leather half boots,
  • red socks,
  • black dress pants,
  • transparent tank top,
  • leather asymmetrical harness,
  • red bondage bracelet (to match the socks)
  • and a black leather scraper (from Dorcel, maybe there will be a review) ala the Phantom of the Opera.

So turning back, into the dressing room,just the shorts (next time I know I’ll wear some sexier ones from Spitzenjunge, which was also promoted at the VENUS festival). Then we walked to all parts of the club itself, which even after 5 hours on site I couldn’t connect the dots in my head and know which way to go.

It’s unreal, there wasn’t much information publicly, so off the top of my head I could only track down:

  • x underground floors,
  • 4-5 bars,
  • 6 rooms,
  • numerous stairs,
  • 2 enclosed lines of halls.

What happens in KitKat stays there

You hand over your phones at the entrance and the rest is up to your experience in the here and now, no running away from reality… and you don’t want to. 🙂 There’s a strict policy on the site regarding entries, and you’d be escorted out immediately – and I wouldn’t expect it to be subtle.

You’d be breaking the whole spell by smuggling your phone in = you’re there almost naked, everyone is too, but no one outside knows or needs to know. I haven’t seen one in the whole time, so people probably adhere to that very strictly – after all, that way they also have peace of mind for themselves and their experiences.

So with that strictness, you can be anything in the place. 🙂

And with anyone, when you sit down. Consent is extremely important here, even a girl in a leather harness and collar / choker, which will likely identify her submissive orientation, has 100% right to refuse anyone and anything. No whistling, no butt-slapping, … No is a NO and bye-bye.

The girls can attest to that, nothing uncalled for happened even in the 6 hours on site.

Why I wrote at the beginning that I understood that strict adherence to the outfit was important. After a few hours you could clearly see that when someone was “not enough” it was incredibly distracting. For some visitors, we suspected the bouncers at the entrance must have known each other from before. But that was at “later” times – like around 4am.

But there were only a few % of such cases, otherwise everyone was perfectly “dressed”, natural and totally fascinating. Just watching the passerby bustle would be enough for someone.

Just for context and to finish… our locker room ticket, was number 618.

Very likely they were starting from 0 that night… And we came in at very early start… It’s just a number to ponder. 🙂


When we left by taxi, incidentally at about 5am, the queue was still in place, but to our surprise it was even longer and went round the corner onto the main street. Or, someone ends up at the event but is always replaced by yet another exuberant enthusiast. 🙂 And that’s how they live here in Berlin.

Image by Vladimir Yuminov from Pixabay

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