Thanks to the entire editorial team, we have written a shorter e-book with a selection of hints and tips on choosing the right sex toy for you. In addition to the basic advice on quality materials, suitable shapes, we’ve also added recommended brands that we’ve tried in the editorial office (see Erotic toy reviews) and put our hands on them – trust them.

On April 4, 2014, we expanded the basic e-book to include sections on proper care of sex toys – hygienic cleaning and storage. Our Erotic Toys Guide is useful for a large part of sex toy lovers.

Erotic toys – how to choose them?

You can download the e-book for free in this article – or we will send it to you by return e-mail.

Download free book on choosing toys

Although the e-book cost us heaps of time in testing, writing and editing, we’re giving it away for free to our fans. We want to help them with choosing and caring for toys, which often aren’t the cheapest and therefore deserve some attention. We’ve dedicated a new chapter to toy care.

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